Monday, April 30, 2012

OILY SKIN :: AHH Products that work and don't work

I am always on the hunt for products for oily skin. If you have any recommendations let me know below, I'd appreciate it. Who wants to look oily? I have oily skin and after I apply foundation and set it, I begin to shine after about two hours sucks!!

My favorite products for oily skin: 

I love this cleanser. 
I love washing my face with this cleanser. After I wash it off and dry my face, my skin feels tighter (in a good way) and soft. My skin also stays matte longer after I use the product.

I really like this product. You can apply it over makeup and it won't ruin it. After my face gets oily I dab some of this on and it erases the oily spots. My only complain: I wish I could find it in a  bigger size.

Oil blotting sheets

At work I use these to absorb any oils from my face. Slim pack that will fit in your purse or pocket. Great to use before starting your makeup to absorb those oils. Elf = inexpensive yes!

I added this product because oily skin means oily lids. If I don't have this primer on before I do my makeup , it will crease because my eyelids get oily. My eyes still crease but not until hours later and that's great considering I have super oily skin. I love this product because it helps my makeup last for those long  partying nights.

****Products that didn't work (for me ) ****

My skin felt dry when I applied this and would crack a bit. Not a good thing. I don't wanna be oil free but have cracked skin. Didn't work at all. It's suppose to diminish oils after each use. No

Pricey and not worth it. This product is thick and smelled like glue to me. I wouldn't mind that if it helped with my oily skin (yes I wouldn't mind b/c I hate looking shiny ). I was willing to try this b/c I thought more pricey might mean better quality. I was disappointed :( 

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