Saturday, January 14, 2012

My path to becoming an RN

RN- Registered Nurse

I'm currently enrolled at CLC and I am five classes away to applying for the Nursing program that begins next spring... AHH excited ... I have Anatomy & Physiology II , Microbiology, Communication, Chemistry and my CNA class which I will take this summer. I can't wait to finally begin the program.

Here's a link to the classes I have taken & will take in the near future:

When I began taking classes at CLC I was going for Psychology and I am glad I changed majors when I did. I wasted almost a year and a half but I am back on track now. After getting my associate at CLC, I plan on going to UWP or UIC to get my BSN. I would like to be an Oncology Nurse.

- Hopeful Nurse

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